Katie Mares: How Brands Can Listen and Respond To Their Most Influential Consumer... Women

July 14th, 2020

In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Katie Mares, author of Earning Her Business: The Importance of Tailoring Your Brand Experience to the Female Consumer.

Although the female movement is interwoven into our social world and people preach girl power, Katie has seen that this mindset hasn't penetrated business branding or the experience businesses provide to women. Most businesses have a transaction process to deliver the service they provide, but very few businesses focus on elevating interaction so that a brand experience includes a personal connection with the consumer and addresses their genuine interests and needs.

This branding disconnect is a problem not only for female consumers but also for businesses that lose potential sales and women's loyalty. Earning Her Business is about showing businesses how to transform the transactional service a woman currently receives into the alluring, interactional experience she craves. In this interview, Katie explains how women influence purchase decisions , the impact on a business' bottom line, and how to shift your organization's experience to accomodate them.



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