Ravi Chalaka: Moving Sales and Marketing to Virtual Conferences and Meetings

August 18th, 2020

In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Ravi Chalaka, chief marketing officer and VP of product marketing at Jifflenow, a Meeting Automation Platform.

As corporations canceled their in-person meetings and conferences, and moved their sales and marketing teams to work from home, they had to overcome a ton of challenges. From interfacing via video for sales to designing online events for marketing... every company scrambled to develop strategies and momentum to maintain their marketing and sales efforts.

Since Ravi is an expert and works with a company focused on meeting automation and the associated measured results, we interviewed him to capture some advice.

The Jifflenow Meeting Automation Platform (MAP) is designed for the sole purpose of automating the scheduling and managing of virtual or in-person B2B meetings. Jifflenow will help you convert your virtual interactions with prospects and customers into meaningful meetings that, in turn, can help advance the sales pipeline and shorten the sales cycle.



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