Jason Rozenblat of CallRail: Implementing a Marketing and Advertising Attribution Strategy

October 2nd, 2019

In this Martech Zone Interview, we speak to Jason Rozenblat, Vice President of Sales for CallRail. We discuss the problems that an attribution platform can help mitigate for organizations that are struggling with identifying where to invest their marketing, advertising, and sales efforts.

CallRail is the leading provider of marketing software to businesses who want a single attribution platform to capture the journey from visitors to leads to customers. More than 100,000 companies and agencies use CallRail’s easy-to-use marketing attribution and conversation intelligence software to optimize lead generation and improve sales. From tracking calls to website form submissions, its all-in-one platform takes the hassle out of reporting with a single source of truth for marketing ROI.

CallRail's platform provides companies with the ability to do:

  • Call tracking and analytics - Measure phone call conversions from your search, digital, and offline marketing campaigns – including PPC keywords.
  • Dynamic number insertion - Automatically show your tracking phone number to the right audience. Capture the full visitor journey before and after the call.
  • Multi-Touch CPL reporting - Use our Multi-Touch CPL report to tie inbound call, text, and form data to ad spend data from Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads.
  • Record phone calls - Call recording makes it easy to qualify leads, coach your staff, and improve customer service. Easily review and annotate your phone calls.
  • Set up numbers instantly - You can configure a new call tracking number in less than a minute. Our call flow builder helps create custom call routing for your business.

There's no contract required with CallRail and you can try CallRail free for 14 days!



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