Episode 119

Four Factors for Success in Digital Media: Product, Brand, Mechanism, and Audience


June 29th, 2018

33 mins 36 secs

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In this MarTech Interview, we speak to Mike Prasad. Mike has diverse experience as a technology entrepreneur, investor, and strategist with expertise in marketing, branding, UI/UX, product development, cross-market finance, and platform creation. Mike focuses on applying new technologies and initiatives, from macro-level strategy to hands-on execution.

Mike developed the brand for Kogi BBQ, which launched the food truck industry in Los Angeles. He shares how he accomplished it, by deliberately developing a great brand, researching social media as a mechanism, and pulling in the right audience to quickly spread the word. Food truck popularity spread rapidly across the country... and it all started with the Kogi brand!

Mike was recently in Indianapolis to speak at an Innovation Series with Kenzie Academy and stopped by the DK New Media studio to sit down for a chat. Mike's diverse background is incredible - he launched his career doing web development before companies even understood the Internet. Years later, he's developed, helped, and invested in some of the best brands in digital media.

On this episode, we discuss the successful strategies that Mike utilized to launch brands virally utilizing influencers, social media, and... most importantly, an intentionial and well-researched brand strategy.

We also speak in detail about Mike's latest venture, Tinysponsor, and discuss the unique sponsorship marketplace that Mike's put together to connect brands with influencers.

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Episode Links

  • Tinysponsor — The sponsorship marketplace for everyone! Tinysponsor makes it easy for creators and businesses to collaborate. Any size, any location, any platform.
  • Kogi BBQ — The crazy little taco truck that used Twitter and started a food revolution in 2008 with an addictive harmony known as the Korean Short Rib Taco.
  • ventureLab Partners — ventureLab is a cross-market startup studio and incubator that builds and invests in innovative technologies by providing entrepreneurs with seed funds, business resources and global relationships.