Episode 107: Sara Rodell: How to Scale Personalization and Engagement in the Consumer Choice Revolution

December 11th, 2017

We are in the midst of a cultural shift from mass-market, generic outreach and offerings, to targeted messaging and product choice.

With the adoption of social media outlets as forums for communications, customer expectations have changed. We expect companies to monitor our reactions and respond to us as individuals.

Companies who adapt their products to match this cultural shift see winning results. Tesla took market share by allowing consumers to customize a car and have it delivered. Progressive created tools to customize insurance coverage. Amazon has fostered a norm that shoppers can have any product they want delivered cheaply and quickly.

In the Age of Personal Choice, everyone wants their choices to be accommodated. In the face of these changing cultural expectations, generic outreach doesn't build engagement.

According to Loop & Tie CEO, Sara Rodell, this is just the beginning of the consumer choice revolution. This trend has already affected the economy and in turn will change how businesses market to their customers.



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