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Episode 138: Kami Huyse: Building a Community for Conversions

January 18th, 2019

In this MarTech Interview, we speak to Kami Huyse. Kami is a digital strategist who helps companies build online communities that convert. She's the CEO of Zoetica, an author of multiple marketing books, and public speaker. Kami is an expert in assisting corporations large and small to build their own communities online.

In this podcast, Kami discusses the benefits, the challenges, and the do's and don'ts of building an online community. Learn the four systems you need to build a solid social media strategy and an engaged community:

  • Clarify - Get your strategic plan in place with the right audience and the right offer. Learn the GOAL POST process that the biggest brands out there use to set goals, define and find their online audience and implement sustainable social media outreach.
  • Create - Create content that people really want and need that inpire people to take action and engage with you and your brand. All without a huge advertising budget.
  • Connect - Connect with your audience and build a tribe of loyal followers that help spread your message. Take a page from local community leaders to harness the true power of social media. They know that even a small but powerful community can drive action, learn how to find your tribe and activate them.
  • Calibrate - Put Kami's 5-A method to work in order to measure the effectiveness of your social media, determine if your social media outreach is really working and to pinpoint where to make adjustments.

Be sure to listen to the entire podcast, as Kami shares a great playbook to get started at the end!

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