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Episode 84: Marketing for Entertainers: Christian Painter, the Mind Tripping Show

February 21st, 2017

Christian and Katalina are the # 1 Husband & Wife Comedy Mind Reading Act in the Nation. They have performed over 2000 shows in almost 15 years. They toured across the nation for 10 years performing for corporate events, colleges, theaters, cruise ships, and resorts. Their audiences range from 50-3000 people.

Having traveled the world and entertained from coast to coast, what is the impact of the web and social media on a local entertainer? Christian shares his lessons learned... and remember... he's NOT a marketer, he's an entertainer. You'll find that he's had to teach himself online marketing, analytics, and social media.

Perhaps the greatest lesson is that he needed to apply budget and hire professionals. While he didn't have hundreds of thousands of dollars, every dollar he did spend counted. Christian walks through the process they took and how they found the right resources and how it's impacted his business.

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