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Episode 78: Brett Evans on Creating Desire with Prospects

October 31st, 2016

Brett leads a group of sales professionals and is responsible for the implementation and execution of sales strategies. A long-time coach, Brett works closely with marketing and operations management to improve lead management and distribution.

Sales is not simply a process, it's also a mindset. Once a lead is identified as a prospect that your company can help, effective sales professionals are able to create an environment where the prospect actually desires the product or service. The ability to bring about that desire breaks down trust barriers and accelerates the close.

Brett walks through actual examples where he utilizes the following four principles to advance the sale through to a conversion:

  1. Challenge the prospect something different than their assumptions.
  2. Storytelling to relate emotionally connect with the prospect.
  3. Utilize the herd mentality to show prospects they're safe with others who have made the same decision.
  4. Use scarcity to explain that the opportunity must be taken advantage of or could be lost.

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