Episode 91: Global Social Media Marketing: Interview with Amy Heiss of Dell

May 16th, 2017

Last week was an amazing week at Dell EMC World where I co-hosted several upcoming podcasts called Luminaries - Talking to the Brightest Mind in Tech, a Dell Podcast that I've been hired to assist with. 

I took advantage of the time to meet many of the amazing marketing staff at Dell Technologies and its global family of brands - Dell, DellEMC, VMware, RSA, Pivotal, SecureWorks, and Virtusstream. The company spans technology - from consumer hardware, business hardware, development, security, virtualization, and cloud products.

Amy is a 14 year veteran of the company, bringing her Learning and Development degree to the company, then moving from Learning and Development, to social media monitoring, now to employee advocacy. Amy is on a team of 6 driving employee advocacy with 140,000 employees globally under the Dell umbrella.

Dell's work with employees is unique. They built a social media command center before many other companies and were way ahead of the curve. Amy reveals how her team educated executives on the importance of the impact of social media, why they utilize social data rather than user forums, how they wrote a simple 5-point social media policy, and how they help their employees build their own brand in the effort to drive corporate branding.

This is an incredible interview with tons of actionable data and insight. I'm so thankful for being introduced to Amy at the recommendation of Mark Schaefer.



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