Episode 76: Kris Reid, the Coolest Guy in SEO

September 1st, 2016

Kris Reid was penned the Coolest Guy in SEO by a client and it's stuck! His firm Ardor SEO works with companies internationally to improve their website rankings, increase direct targeted traffic to your website, become the ultimate authority in their niche, and increase conversions through authority marketing and dramatically increase your business. 

It's a refreshing conversation with Kris because their firm has adopted modern strategies that are focused on what the search engine user is looking for, not the mechanics of manipulating search engine rankings. Kris calls this reputation engineering - where they utilize all the SEO tools to deconstruct how competitors are ranking, then build a strategy for their clients to beat them.

They do this through highly optimized articles, social media, and video posts. 

Kris is throwing in a contest to win one of their comprehensive website SEO audits - so sign up here to win!



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