Episode 66: Brad Seaman of Monster Connect on Sales Acceleration

December 28th, 2015

One area of explosive growth in the marketing technology space is technology for sales acceleration. Brad Seaman's company, Monster Connect, may be one of the most innovative and truly provides a solution to one of the most difficult issues that sales people have every day. Outbound sales requires sales people to drudge through dozens of calls before they actually connect with a real person. Combine that inefficiency with the fact that sales teams also have to log and reschedule any calls that didn't connect and it's no wonder that a sales team's time is spent doing administrative work rather than actual selling. Imagine if you had a team of people working on your outbound sales list that made dozens of calls on your behalf - only connecting you when a live person is on the line!  This is Monster Connect, a sponsor of the Marketing Technology Blog. Their platform is like the Uber of sales acceleration tools. With Monster Connect, sales teams are connecting on every call and having 8 times the success!



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