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Episode 62: Jack Klemeyer of GYB Coaching on Mastermind Marketing Groups

October 23rd, 2015

Jack Klemeyer founded Grow Your Business™ Coaching based on the philosophy of providing business owners, corporations and their employees the knowledge and skills they need to be successful. That could mean greater sales to one person, the ability to hire more people for another and being a good leader to someone else. Whatever is needed, Jack and his team will find the resources to make turning dreams and goals into reality for their clients. A key strategy that Jack utilizes for business leaders is Mastermind Groups. Mastermind Groups are confidential groups of executives that meet regularly to help one another with their businesses. It's not a class, group coaching, or a networking group. Mastermind group participants challenge one another, set goals, and accomplish them. By being amongst your peers, you're provided advice, ideas, and honest support.  Jack manages these groups regionally in Indianapolis as well as virtually, with leaders throughout the web. We're going to be starting our own Mastermind group soon - so contact Jack if you're interested!

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