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Episode 51: A/B Testing and Personalization: An Interview with Adobe's Drew Burns

May 22nd, 2015

There’s been talk that A/B testing is dead, that this function is problematic and no longer effective for digital marketing. The reality is most marketers aren’t efficiently leveraging or even understanding what A/B testing is. For instance, they mistake redirection – taking a population and introducing it into another experience to see how it affects conversion – for testing, which leaves them feeling like something is still missing. And it is.   A/B testing is most valuable when it complements discovery mechanisms, such as multivariate testing and automated personalization, to vet a hypothesis first and then use A/B testing to assess it. The issue is that marketers simply aren’t viewing testing holistically – as one part of the marketing puzzle that also utilizes other capabilities such as analytics and targeting.    So how does a marketer unlock the full potential of A/B testing? Adobe’s A/B testing expert, Drew Burns, is on the show to discuss how this process works as well as provide real-world use-case examples. He also discusses: How A/B testing has evolved from gut instinct to calculated riskHow an organization can create a ‘testing culture’ that encourages collaboration between marketers and creativesThe new challenges of A/B testing today such as identifying different variations of creative assets to test, or how a team should be organized in their testing process.

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