Brand Storytelling: Putting Your Customers At The Heart of Your Brand Story with Miri Rodriguez

June 11th, 2020

In this MarTech Martech Zone, we speak to Award-winning Microsoft storyteller Miri Rodriguez. Ms. Rodriguez is responsible for finding, crafting, and leveraging stories that motivate and connect with the modern consumer. Now, she’s offering practical tools to help you become a skilled brand storyteller, both at the personal and business levels.

A brand’s story has become so crucial to its marketing strategy that Microsoft has an entire department devoted to storytelling. Unfortunately, most companies struggle to make genuine connections, resorting to outdated strategies to engage audiences. If you don’t have the budget for a storytelling department, how can you stand out from the crowd?

In her book, Brand Storytelling, Ms. Rodriguez wants to bring you back to the heart of brand loyalty, consumer behavior, and engagement as a business strategy, revealing how storytelling triggers the emotions that humans are driven by. Her book will guide you to assess, dismantle, and rebuild any brand story, enabling you to celebrate and strengthen your success, rather than simply trying to win it.

On this interview, Ms. Rodriguez discusses:

  • How to tap into authentic brand loyalty and human connection by aligning brand voice with individual customer values, experiences and aspirations
  • The five essential elements to humanize your brand through storytelling
  • The Robin to Batman effect: Why it’s essential to make yourself the ‘sidekick’ to the customer’s ‘batman’ in every story
  • Empathy Matters: Why this soft skill is essential to storytelling in the digital age
  • Four magic tricks that can rev up your brand story into action, and make it enchanting and unforgettable
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable: Why vulnerability is key in the practice of telling stories

Ms. Rodriguez's advice is more important than ever in a time where consumers are demanding your brands take a stand for social justice.



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