Jaime Bettencourt of Mood Media: Elevating the Customer Experience and the Impact of Sensory Marketing

April 4th, 2019

In this Martech Zone Interview we speak to Jaime Bettencourt, the SVP of Premier Sales & Account Management for Mood Media on the Impact of Sensory Marketing in Retail.

Mood Media released a study where they asked more than 10,000 consumers around the world what they most enjoy about the in-store shopping experience. They sought to learn which sensory elements have the greatest influence on customer attitudes and behaviors when shopping.

What did they take away from the study? In summary...

  • Sensory marketing matters
  • Customers are influenced by and respond to their sensory environment
  • Investment in a sensory marketing strategy can pay meaningful dividends

This study provides important customer insights, inspiration and fresh ideas. You'll look at things differently, listen more intently, feel with greater purpose and be more conscious of your surroundings and your customers when you consider the evolution of the Customer Experience.


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