Episode 132

Kara Dake: Mobile Marketing That Builds Customer Lifetime Value


October 19th, 2018

38 mins 35 secs

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About this Episode

In this MarTech Interview, we speak to Kara Dake, VP of Growth & Partnerships at CleverTap, an AI marketing automation firm.

Do you know who your users are? What motivates them to buy? What will make them uninstall your app? Growing your audience requires having the tools and process to answer these questions. That’s where we come in.

CleverTap helps you build valuable, long-term relationships with your customers by giving you two things:

  1. Access to real-time behavioral analytics so you know who they are.
  2. Provides a platform with which to engage users on the right channels, at the right time, and with a message that resonates.

CleverTap brings together real-time user insights, an advanced segmentation engine, and easy-to-use marketing tools in one mobile marketing platform — giving your team the power to create amazing experiences that deepen customer relationships.

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