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Episode 129: Susan Marshall, CEO and Founder of Torchlite: The Marketplace of Certified, On-Demand Digital Marketing Experts

September 27th, 2018

In this MarTech Interview, we speak to technology entrepreneur Susan Marshall. Susan is a well-respected leader both regionally and internationally, with over 25 years in the technology space. The companies she's helped include Apple, Adobe and Salesforce. Susan founded and is CEO of Indianapolis-based Torchlite, a marketplace of certified, on-demand digital marketing experts.

Digital marketing is complex. Marketers today need guidance on how to identify what's truly a top priority and help to get it done. At Torchlite, they believe it's not enough to just create another software solution. It's about bringing people and technology together to create a fast, nimble, and tech-enabled approach to get marketing done.

Susan's excitement is contagious and Torchlite continues to evolve as a leader for companies to attract and assemble their outsourced digital marketing teams. Unlike most freelance directories, Torchliters are vetted and their performance monitored to ensure the highest quality resources are assembled.

The Torchlite management platform provides a new way to get digital marketing done right by seamlessly combining people, technology, and campaigns into a single interface. And their marketplace of experts helps you make the most of your digital marketing - inspiring you to focus on the work you love most.

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