Episode 124

Uberflip's #CONEX: Content Experiences and Account-Based Management


September 4th, 2018

17 mins 6 secs

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About this Episode

In this MarTech Interview, I was in attendance in Toronto for the Content Experience, also known as CONEX, an incredible conference put on by the team at Uberflip. Colleague Adam Small and I discuss the first day and the outstanding conversation regarding ABM.

Perhaps the most intriguing presentation of the day was from Daniel Day, discussing how he put together a world-class (literally) ABM program that skyrocked the results for his company, Snowflake. Adam and I discuss the surprises and highlights of this presentation, providing us with a unique perspective on how to build an ABM program that targets and drives both engagement and sales through the use of content marketing strategies.

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Episode Links

  • Snowflake Describes How They Transformed Their Sales with Account-Based Marketing #CONEX — A detailed post on Snowflake’s ABM Director Daniel G. Day's session on how he’d developed an ABM program that’s skyrocketed Snowflake’s sales results.
  • The Content Experience — Conex: The Content Experience brings together like-minded people in digital marketing, demand generation and content marketing in order to connect them with interesting and impactful players that understand and champion the importance of experience to the buyer journey.