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Episode 122: Christopher Day: How Marketers Are Turning Competitive Ad Data into Revenue

August 8th, 2018

In this MarTech Interview, we speak to Christopher Day, Co-Founder and CEO of DemandJump. DemandJump’s Customer Acquisition Platform shows marketers exactly where to focus to drive revenue.

Before DemandJump, marketers could only see the last touch point that led their audience to them. Now, marketers can reach their audience three steps before customers reach them - or their competitors.

Marketers use DemandJump to makes sense of digital data to uncover the best traffic driving sources specific to their brand(s), outmaneuver competition, optimize budget allocation and drive revenue growth across digital marketing channels (and soon, offline channels). DemandJump empowers marketers to ensure their marketing spend truly optimizes revenue generation.

Simply put, DemandJump transforms artificial intelligence into revenue.

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