Episode 112: CEO Brent Oakley on his Location-Based Music and Messaging Platform, Vibenomics

February 25th, 2018

Brent Oakley operated a chain of successful premium car washes but struggled to find a means of marketing to his customers while they were in-store. He built an innovative music and messaging platform that provides real-time, highly-targeted messaging to each store and launched it as a Saas platform, Vibenomics.

Vibenomics provides businesses access to a fully-licensed library of music and an easy to use app that allows them to submit and receive customized, professionally recorded announcements the same day they request them.

With Vibenomics, companies can push products faster and increase the revenue potential for every customer, educate customers on new products and offers as they become available, and drive customers online for coupons and promotions.

And rather than being an expense, the in-house platform can actually be a revenue driver. Vibenomics has an add-on that can be used for their customers to launch their own advertising options for third-parties to advertise through their networks.



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