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Episode 101: Aprimo: Marketing Operations Technology and Digital Asset Management

September 6th, 2017

Kevin Souers is the Chief Product Officer of Aprimo and leads product and platform development and ensures Aprimo’s technology platform is the leading solution for marketing operations. Prior to Aprimo, Kevin was the Chief Technology Officer of Revenew, Inc., the leading through-channel marketing automation platform. In July 2016, Revenew was acquired and merged into Aprimo. Kevin has a history of leading technology strategies and builds of large-scale, transformative technology at Fortune 100 companies, and he led a team to report to Congress on how to transform health and human services technology. It was a pleasure having Kevin in the office at DK New Media where we talk about the urgent need of marketers to build their knowledge and business acumen when it comes to resource-driven marketing and running marketing operations effectively.

Aprimo is a global provider of marketing operations technology and digital asset management solutions. They recently announced the full SaaS (Software as a Service) offering of its category-leading Digital Asset Management (DAM) software. The cloud-based product will bring all the benefits of SaaS-based operations to give marketers an advantage, including increased innovation, faster implementation, scalability to match business growth and a significantly lower total cost of ownership. The combination of Aprimo’s performance driven marketing operations technology and digital asset management solutions give marketers the advantage to govern and grow their brand. Aprimo delivers the advantage with its innovative Marketing Operations Hub. They allow marketers to manage budgets, plans, productivity, and assets throughout the ideation, workflow and campaign delivery of the brand experience while maximizing provable ROI.

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